Project 52: Week 15 - Then & Now

This week's Project 52 theme of "Then & Now" was a fun one! I thought I would go back to the first Project 52 I did with Izzy 3 years ago and find an image that I took of her then and repeat it now. Here's the blog post of her then. The theme was leading lines and I photographed her at one of my favorite parks.  I took that shot, then, in the summer when everything was lush green, while now, the snow has only just melted and the buds are starting to grow. You can see that it's still the same boardwalk in the same park. It's amazing to see how much Izzy has changed. Then, she was 2 years old, now, she is 4 1/2 years old. I remember complaining that she would never grow much of a coat, but look at her now!

The other amazing change is how much my work has grown and improved. It's always fun to go back and look at images I captured 2, 3 and even one year ago. I've certainly developed my style in these last couple of years, even my processing techniques have changed. Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

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