Project 52: Week 19 - Architeture

Last weekend I visited some friends in the Philadelphia area. I lived on the Main Line for a few years shortly after I got married. It was a great experience and really, where my photography journey began. So it was good to be back in the area and catch up with some old friends.

On Saturday, Izzy and I met up with a photographer friend, her husband and their cocker spaniel puppy Luna. I’ve seen lots of photos of Luna, and she was just as cute in person as she seemed to be on facebook. We planned a photo shoot with our dogs and decided to meet on the grounds of Eastern University. I’ve always loved the architecture in this part of the state and the university didn’t disappoint. There’s something unique about the old buildings, stonewalls, and cobblestone walkways Philadelphia and the suburbs are known for. I guess because you won’t find anything like it in State College. So this was the perfect location to capture some images for this week’s Project 52 theme, Architecture. It was my turn to choose the theme and I thought it would be fun to explore the architecture around us and incorporate it into our images.


When I saw these columns in this stonewall, I thought it would a neat to photograph the dogs with their heads poking through. My friend had her husband bring Luna to the wall and she stood below and called to her. What happened next caught all of us by surprise! Luna came, all right, but she jumped right in between the columns and landed on the ground below, probably about a 6 foot drop! Thankfully she was ok, but we quickly realized we needed to keep a tighter lead on the dogs!

Next up is Spotty Nose Pet Photography. Be sure to visit all the other photographers in the blog ring and see their take on this theme. Keep clicking on all the links until you get back here. Happy Friday!