Project 52: Week 3 - A Day in the Life

This week's theme for the Project 52 was A Day in the Life where we followed our pets around for the day capturing everyday moments. It was a different challenge for me, at times easy and other times more difficult. Sometimes when I reached for my camera, the moment was gone. Other times, it was hard to capture what Izzy was doing since I was a part of it. But I could really have a lot of fun doing this for someone else and their dog. So now I'm thinking of offering this type of session for my clients.

As with any day, it always begins with waking up. Izzy is a classic lazy dog, sleeping in long after my husband and I get up. That is, unless, we shake her food container ~ then she's out of bed immediately! She sleeps with us every night and it's not uncommon for us to have to drag her out of bed. She reminds me of a teenager going through puberty, except in human years, she'd be about 30! Here's Izzy just looking out the window, checking out the world before getting her day started.


While we were housebreaking Izzy, we trained her that after she did her business, she would get a cookie. Well, she's been housebroken for a long time, but she still loves her treats. In fact, sometimes, she'll ask to go out, NOT do her business, then come back in and ask for a cookie! Well Izzy, you may be smart, but we know your game!

When we leave for work, we get the sad puppy dog eyes that golden retrievers are so well known for. Anything to make us feel guilty for leaving her home alone. Here, Izzy is watching my husband head off for his day on the job. Sometimes she wins me over and I take her to work with me. Fortunately for her, I work with dogs all day long and she's made many canine friends because of it!

Izzy loves getting out of the house and going on adventures! While she prefers a walk to a car ride, she has learned going someplace usually means doing something fun! 

Izzy's good in the car and it makes us comfortable knowing she is safe wearing a seat belt made for dogs. 


Izzy and I train in agility together. She's had some issues lately with the teeter, so we've been working one on one with a trainer. On this car ride we were on our way to our weekly training session with Karen, her trainer, to work on this.


We also do agility run throughs where she works on her jumpers training with other club members. In spite of her fears regarding the teeter, she loves doing agility!


Most days, Izzy and I take a walk around the neighborhood. But since it's been pretty cold this week, we opted just to spend some time playing in the backyard. Like most golden retrievers, one of Izzy's favorite games is fetch. She's not always good about bringing her toy back, so we sometimes have to bribe her with treats.

Another favorite game is tug of war. Can you guess who usually wins this game!

We live on a busy street, and Izzy had designated herself the neighborhood watch dog. Sometimes I like that trait about her, it's nice knowing when someone is on or near our property as we've had some wayward teenagers who have played pranks on our neighbors. However, I feel bad for people who are just out for an afternoon stroll. Can you spot the fellow in the hat that Izzy is keeping a close eye on?

Sometimes she can monitor the neighborhood from her little "hill" in our backyard. It's her favorite place just to sit and watch the world go by.

I love this expression! This is the look I get when I sing to Izzy. You certainly don't want to be standing next to me anytime the National Anthem is sung, but I do so enjoy getting a reaction from Izzy! I'm sure most people wouldn't be as amused!

Izzy also loves the game "keep away". At one point, I dropped my mitten and before I could pick it up, Izzy grabbed it and ran off! No amount of reasoning with her was going to help me get it back. She thinks it's fun to make me chase her until I can catch her (which I never do!) before she'll give it up!

Izzy's fortunate to have a fenced in yard so she can run freely off leash anytime she wants. However, when I leave the yard, she follows me as she never likes to be left alone. 


In the evenings, especially during the winters, Izzy will sometimes curl up with us on the couch and watch TV. If it's something interesting, like the Westminster Dog show or tennis, she'll even watch with us!

I hope you enjoyed following Izzy along in a day of her life. Next up in the blog ring is Suzi Pix Photography . Keep clicking on all the links to see everyone else's take on this theme until you end up back here.