Project 52: Week 20 - Letters & Numbers

This week's Project 52 theme "Letters & Numbers" was more challenging in part because I had to find a way to include a pet in the photo. I'm sure you've seen the alphabet and number photography. I did one of these when I visited Chicago back in the fall. You can see that blog post HERE. Izzy and I took a walk on the Penn State campus and looked around for something that would work. I found a couple of letters in buildings, but getting her to sit still while ducks were quacking just a few feet away was impossible. So we found this seating area in the Alumni Courtyard. The benches form the letter "C". Almost 2000 bricks are engraved with PSU alumni names (money from the sale of the bricks goes to a student endowment fund). I placed Izzy within a pattern of bricks that forms the number "0". 

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