Project 52: Week 23 - Downtown

It's been such a crappy week weather wise, I wasn't sure I was going to get this week's Project 52 done. But I did get a little break and walked around downtown, the theme of this week's Project 52, taking a few photos before the rain started...again. I loved this theme, it gave me a chance to look around my little town and see things in a new way. Izzy of course will never turn down an opportunity for a walk, and she especially loves her walks downtown. She's a big hit, inevitably, someone or several people, will stop to pet her. She makes the Penn Students day, and they, hers. So it's a win-win for everyone! 

We started our walk at the municipal building where there's a great wall that's perfect for posing dogs on!

Next, we stopped by a popular restaurant that has been around for decades. I love this alleyway with the brick walkway and outdoor eating area.

Here's Izzy standing by the main entrance to the restaurant. 

We found another building with a really cool brick pattern outside that we had to check out. Lots of people come here because there are tables and chairs to sit outside, a perfect place for a lunch break during the workday. Izzy loves to woo passersby into stopping and petting her! Then we needed a break, so we found a bench across the street to sit down for a bit and rest. Izzy decided benches were better suited for the two legged walkers instead, but she tolerated sitting on it long enough for me to take a photo!

I've walked by this apartment entryway hundreds of times through the years, but never really paid attention to it. The red door and architecture make a perfect backdrop for Izzy! I grabbed a quick shot in between the passers by who are out shopping. That's what I love about these assignments, seeing ordinary scenes in new ways to create great photographs. My little town, State College, was just given the top ranking of best towns in the state of Pennsylvania! Woot woot!! Let's hear it for Happy Valley. Below are a few other tidbits about this great little town that maybe you didn't know.

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