Project 52: Week 36 - Sky

This week's theme for Project 52 was Sky. I love incorporating the sky into my photos, but with pets, it's not always easy. Here in central PA, we can go for days, sometimes weeks with cloudy overcast skies which add nothing to an image. But if we're lucky, like I was the day I took Izzy out for this week's photo shoot, we have nice big puffy white clouds. I've been exploring some locations as I get ready for some fall shoots, and it turned out to be the perfect location to include the sky in my photo. It was pretty sunny out, so I didn't know until I got back home whether I got the shot or not. But I'd say it's worth exploring some more!

Next up in the blog ring is I Got the Shot photography. Be sure to click on all the links until you get back here. Have a great holiday weekend!