Top Ten - Hair of the Dog Blog

Each week Hair of the Dog blog has a weekly challenge. A theme is announced on Monday and pet photographers from all over the world have until the following sunday to enter 2 of their photos incorporating the theme. Nicole chooses the Top Ten from all the submissions and features the winners on her blog. I followed along with the challenges for a few months before I had the courage to submit my own photos. Many of the photographers who participate are women I've been following, admiring and aspiring to be as good as some day! So when I submitted my first photo and it was chosen, I was just over the moon! 

The talent of pet photographers is amazing! It's also fun to see how other photographers interpret the theme. I'm very humbled and honored that several of my photos have been chosen for the Top Ten. I won't recap all of them, but here's a few that made that the Top Ten in the last few weeks. While I don't participate every week, I intend to get out and start shooting some more as the weather gets nicer. These challenges are a wonderful way to inspire myself to think outside of the box. Izzy, of course, has been a wonderful model. I imagine as long as I reward her with treats, that is something which will never change :)

Be sure to visit the blog to see some wonderful pet photos!

Below are some of my Top Ten images and the theme for that week...


Top Ten - Travel


Top Ten - Travel


Top Ten - Love