Tulip Explosion!

Winter doesn’t seem that far away, but it sure did seem like it was going to go on forever, didn’t it? I love the spring almost as much as fall, except I could do without my allergies! It’s great to be spending more time outdoors, wearing fewer layers and taking longer walks with the dogs. I also love the burst of color from all the flowers, shrubs and trees blooming. So one afternoon I decided to go visit the Penn State Arboretum and check out the tulip garden I was hearing so much about. It’s not a huge garden, but there must have been hundreds of tulips, in a full range of color and varieties. I picked a beautiful day and encountered dozens of other visitors. I never think to bring a book or pack a lunch and spend an afternoon here, but apparently lots of other people do. Anyways, I digress. There's just something about flowers that makes me feel happy. Here's a few of my favorite images I captured that day. 

And no blog post is complete without a photo of a pet! Since dogs are not allowed within the perimeter of the Arboretum, I found some flowers along a walkway on campus to photograph Izzy. They may not be tulips, but it still makes a pretty backdrop.