Happy Gotcha Day Kita!

I asked my husband the other day, "How long has it been since Kita's been a part of our family?" He answered, "It must be about 5 or 6 months, right?" I replied, "It wasn't that long ago, it couldn't have been." So that prompted us to look it up. As it turns out, we were both wrong! One year ago today, we sat down with the adoption counselors at PAWS and made it official. Kita was now a Bauer and a part of our family!

It's been an adventurous year! It seems like Kita has two personalities. On the one hand, she is quite endearing, cute and does this adorable begging gesture that makes it hard to say no to her! On the other had, she is stubborn, clever and believes she is the one in charge! Oh the stories I have to share!

I love eating muffins with fruit for breakfast. One day I came home from work and found a muffin wrapper on the floor. No crumbs, no sign of a muffin. I knew I had 2 muffins where I keep bread on the kitchen island. Now there were none. Steve had been at the office all day, so I knew he didn't eat them. I couldn't imagine that either of the dogs could have gotten them. So I chucked it off to my getting older and my memory not being as good as it once was. The next day, after purchasing more muffins, I found the same thing. Only this time I saw paw prints on the counter top. How in the world? My ingenious Kita used one of our bar stools as a step to get to the counter and eat to her heart's content all the food she found. So if you ever come over to our house, you'll know why the bar stools are placed far away from any counters!

Kita love to chase cars (especially ones with loud mufflers), kids on skateboards and dogs as they pass by our property. I've always been grateful to have a fenced in yard, the dogs can run and play as much as they want. I never worry about them. Over time, Kita has learned to climb the fence. She doesn't get over, but she climbs up and hangs from the top. We've seen neighbors walk by, stop, talk and point to our yard. We couldn't figure out why, then realized, they all came over to watch the puppy climb and hang from the fence. I'm tempted to get a blow horn and blow it when she does that sometime to see if this will break her of this habit! While it's a funny sight to see, it'a also scary ~ one day she just might jump over the fence. Mind you, our fence is 4 feet high and she is barely 12 inches tall!

Kita's come a long way since we first met her. She wouldn't let me touch her paws or open her mouth. If she ate something she shouldn't have, she'd run or threaten to bite if we tried to take it from her. These days, she lets me trim her nails and brush her teeth. She also attends agility classes, and even comes to work with me on occasion. 

She has settled in nicely with us. I wasn't sure of keeping her at first, but I have to admit, she's won me over and I just adore her! She's brought out the puppy in Izzy. They play, chase and tumble for hours on end. Even more endearing, they cuddle together when taking naps. If Kita gets scared, she runs to Izzy for comfort. If Kita gets loose (which happened once), she runs to Izzy. They are the best of friends in so many wasy. I can't imagine our lives without Kita being a part of it.

Happy Gotcha Day, Kita!