Project 52: Week 13 - Use Focus to Abstract

For our Project 52 assignment this week, we were tasked with getting over our need for sharp focus. Instead we were to focus on the aesthetic possibilities of our-of-focus elements, creating something more abstract. Switching our cameras to manual focus, using slower shutter speeds, or intentional camera shake, are some ways to "never do it right." 

I thought this was a great challenge and have created several abstract images before. In autumn, falling leaves, windy days and fall colors make for some fun and interesting images. With the arrival of spring, we're starting to see some color after months of bleak, brown landscapes. Forsythia bushes in particular are showing off their pretty yellow flowers. I thought they would make for a great subject for this project. I fond a huge hedge, used my telephoto lens and manually focused until the flowers were out of focus in a sea of yellow.

I also found a row of cherry trees in blossom. One of the few that have any flowers remaining after the windy days we've had here in Central PA lately. Using the same technique as before, I created this image that's just a little less in focus, but still the recognizable pink cherry blossoms.

Finally, I headed to downtown State College at night and created this abstract image of street lights, traffic lights and car lights.

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