Florida Recap - Week 2

Ok, so it’s been a little more than 7 days since my last Florida recap post, but it was a busy week! Last weekend I met a friend in Naples to photograph her adorable dog Abby. Abby’s family also happens to live in State College, and they’ve been very helpful with giving us advice about the southwest FL area.  If you missed my post about Abby’s session, you can see it HERE.


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I took the CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) prep class with Al Audelman and the Bay PPA (Professional Photographers of America). It was a great class – I can’t say enough nice things about Al. He’s an excellent teacher, mixing jokes in between some dreaded mathematical lessons, but always making sure everyone in the class understood each and every concept before moving on. I wasn’t sure I knew enough to think about taking the test and passing, but was surprised to learn that I knew more than I realized. I’m still reviewing all the notes I took and reading the study guide. The group is trying to set up an exam date soon and I’ll join them if I can. It’s pretty likely I’ll be back in PA by then, so my goal is to declare my candidacy in Feb and take the exam in March. That’s fast tracking as my original goal had been to do this later in 2017.

On Thursday, I ran a facebook ad for a Southwest Florida dog model call. I’ve got a lot of ideas that I’d like to photograph and I need to get out and get to know the area better. I figured why not jump in both feet first! So far, I’ve had a great response. I’m looking forward to meeting the pooches of FL!


And yes, I'm still enjoying my nightly sunsets!