Location scouting - Boca Grande

One of my favorite places to visit in Southwest FL is Boca Grande. This cute little island located not too far from Fort Myers and Sanibel islands is quiet, quaint and serene. To get there, you have to cross one of 3 bridges which includes paying a toll. With well-kept homes, tropical greenery and beautiful beaches, it's well worth a visit. There is a commercial shopping area with boutique shops, art galleries and restaurants. I love cooling off on a hot day with an ice cream cone from the Loose Caboose ice cream shop! 

Boca Grande also houses a spectacular golf course that overlooks the water and a 6.5 mile bike path. You can rent bikes and ride the trail, something I highly recommend doing. Most of the folks who live here get around on golf carts. There is also no shortage of dogs to meet and mingle with!

Over the weekend, I took my girls over to find some great spots for photos. I did grab a few shots in front of one of the lighthouses on the island. I have some more exploring to do and that's ok with me as I never tire of visiting here.