Bidders be ready - State College pet photography session up for auction!


This year's Mount Nittany Medical Center Charity Ball, A Glamorous evening in Old Hollywood, takes place Saturday February 24 at The Penn Stater Hotel. Proceeds will benefit palliative care at the Mount Nittany Medical Center. As part of the event, an online auction will go live beginning Monday February 12 at 8 am. One of the items you can bid on is a pet photography package session with me! This is the perfect time to set up a session for the furry loved ones in your life and help a great cause! To bid on this and other awesome packages go HERE. Can't wait to meet the lucky winner!

State College Pet Photography session up for auction!


Last year I made the decision to donate a couple of pet photography sessions to local charities to help raise money for some great causes. I was a little nervous about how well it would be received, but had such a great experience with not only the charities, but also the winners, I've decided to do it again this year. First up is the WPSU Connoisseur's Dinner & Auction. The event takes place Saturday February 10 at the Nittany Lion Inn with dinner by host chef Nick Stellino. To purchase tickets for the event, click HERE. If you've been thinking about having photos of your furry family members, now is a great time to make that happen! 

Bark for Life - Part II

Over the weekend I was one of the vendors at the Bark for Life. Not only did I have a table with a display of my work, for a donation I also take photos of the dogs and/or their families who walk for the Bark for Life. Founded to raise awareness for cancer in both canines and their human friends, this is a cause that's near and dear to my heart having lost my first dog, Mika, to hemangiosarcoma (a cancer of the blood) a few years ago.

We had the picture perfect September day for this event. With the sun popping in and out of the clouds, it was the optimal condition for a photographer! I captured lots of head tilts on the bridge at the Pennsylvania Military Museum. While there was a smaller crowd participating, there were more vendors than in previous years. Hopefully next year, there will be a bigger turnout. It's a great way to spend an afternoon with your pooch and help a wonderful charity!

Bark for Life-1.jpg
Bark for Life-9.jpg
Bark for Life-7.jpg

Centre County PAWS 12th Annual Fur Ball

As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of PAWS. Not only do I photograph the homeless cats and kittens, my husband and I have fostered a few dogs and adopted one as well. It's a wonderful organization helping unite hundreds of animals with their forever families each year. In order to do this, they need the generous support of the community through donations. This Saturday September 23 is their biggest fundraising event of the year - the 12th annual Fur Ball. An evening of cocktails, delicious food, a silent and a live auction, the event takes place at the Centre Hills Country Club. Tickets are $125 per person and can be purchased by contacting PAWS or clicking HERE

I have donated a pet photography session for up to 2 pets and 2 people AND a 16 x 20 canvas wrap. This will be my last donation of the year, so if you've wanted to get photos of your furry family members and help a great cause, now is the time to do so!

If I won the lottery

It’s the day before one of the largest powerball Jackpot lottery’s in U.S. history. Will you be glued to the TV when the winning numbers are announced? I won’t be, but my husband might.

I’ve never been a fan of playing the lottery. First of all, who really needs $650 million dollars? Secondly, the odds of winning are so slim, why bother? But it is fun to think about having an obscene amount of money in my hands pondering how to spend it.

The older I get, the less material things I desire. Sure, a nice house, a new car, a spacious closet full of clothes would be nice. But the more I’ve accumulated over the years, the less I want. Bigger houses just mean spending more time keeping it clean. New clothes mean I have to keep working so I can afford to buy all of it.  In the end, it isn’t the material things that make my life a memorable one, it’s the things I do, the people I meet and the experiences I have that truly matter.

If I had more money than I knew what to do with, there’s no doubt I would give a lot of it away. To help worthwhile causes like homelessness in countries and communities where there is not enough money to keep dogs and cats by the dozens from being put down daily. I’d help fund charities that work to feed the children in our country who don’t have enough food to eat. Or soldiers who return from serving our country who don’t know how to fit in with society and can’t afford a place to call home that makes them feel safe.

Sometimes I don’t feel rich, but that’s all in the eyes of the beholder. To many folks in this world, I live in abundance, for want of nothing. And while I’m far from being rich, I certainly am not lacking – of food, shelter, or clothing. I’ve always felt strongly that if there was anything I could do to help those that are less fortunate than I, I would.

But would I give it all away? Probably not. I’d invest some money so I could retire. I’d likely splurge on traveling around the country and world. I know I’d adopt a few more dogs, maybe a couple of cats and give them a safe, loving home.  Yes, maybe I’d even splurge and buy myself a new car, so I could transport all my new furry friends. I would definitely indulge myself and buy a new camera and photography gear. Well, just because that’s the kind of material thing I lust after! That and a swimming pool.

What about you? If you won the lottery, how would you spend it?