Location scouting - Phillippi Estate Park

While I’ve been to Phillippi Estate Park before, it’s been a couple of years. Two things that struck me about this location when I first discovered it was how awesome the light is and how beautiful the property is. Oh, and dogs are allowed! Ok, so that makes it three things that I love! This weekend I decided to go back and explore it again with a fresh pair of eyes. I loaded the car with all 3 of our dogs and my husband to head off for an adventure. When we arrived, we walked around the side of the main building just in time to hear over the loudspeaker, “I now pronounce you husband and wife!” As we came around the corner, the bride and groom were walking down the aisle in our direction. Afraid my dogs would start barking, I quickly ran to the other side of the sidewalk and hid behind a tree. The happy couple and bridal party seemed genuinely happy to see the dogs. And to my delight, the girls were well behaved and didn’t make a ruckus barking and carrying on at the wedding party as they walked our way.

We headed off to another section of the property to explore. I set up my gear and took dozens of test photos. The longer we stayed, the more I just loved it. Photographers always shoot with the light and I just couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful evening. I tried new things, practiced old techniques and checked off a bucket list photo I had been wanting to shoot for a while. Some photos I took for specific reasons and I’ll share more when the time is right. But for right now, here’s one of my favorite images I captured of Kita. This is definitely going to be one of my go to locations for client sessions.

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terrier mix southwest florida park

Pet photography sessions on the road!

One of my goals for 2018 was to do more traveling. It's something I enjoy and I think it's great to get out of my small town and experience other cities, countries and cultures. If I could find a way to travel AND make money at the same time, it's something I'd do in a heartbeat. Which then led to this crazy thought of why not travel and do pet photography sessions at the same time? This would combine several of my all time favorite things...dogs, travel, and photography. What could be more perfect?? 

Some of the places I'd love to visit on my bucket list include Iceland, Norway, England, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Africa, Dubai, and of course, Italy and Greece. Since that's a bit of a tall order (I won't give up on my dream though!), maybe I should start a little closer to home, huh?

So how about Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington DC, NYC and Princeton NJ? All of these are places I've visited and/or lived at one time or another. I've got a pretty good lay of the land and know some great locations for photo shoots. Just add a puppy or two (or more), and I'm there! Seriously though, I am being serious! Know anyone in these locations who'd love to have a photo session with me and their beloved fur kids? Tell them to contact me. If I can get enough folks signed up, I'll start planning a photo session they will never forget!


Location scouting - Boca Grande

One of my favorite places to visit in Southwest FL is Boca Grande. This cute little island located not too far from Fort Myers and Sanibel islands is quiet, quaint and serene. To get there, you have to cross one of 3 bridges which includes paying a toll. With well-kept homes, tropical greenery and beautiful beaches, it's well worth a visit. There is a commercial shopping area with boutique shops, art galleries and restaurants. I love cooling off on a hot day with an ice cream cone from the Loose Caboose ice cream shop! 

Boca Grande also houses a spectacular golf course that overlooks the water and a 6.5 mile bike path. You can rent bikes and ride the trail, something I highly recommend doing. Most of the folks who live here get around on golf carts. There is also no shortage of dogs to meet and mingle with!

Over the weekend, I took my girls over to find some great spots for photos. I did grab a few shots in front of one of the lighthouses on the island. I have some more exploring to do and that's ok with me as I never tire of visiting here. 






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And because no blog post is complete without a photo...here's Izzy from our recent trip to Florida. Find out more in this inaugural issue!