Update: Life in Florida

It’s hard to believe that just over 6 months ago my husband and I packed up our house, moved to the sunshine state and started a new chapter in our lives. While change has been hard for me, I can’t help but admit, it was just what I needed. Last year I was dealt some curve balls, having experienced some things I wasn’t sure if or how I would get through. But in the midst of feeling lost, I truly believe I found my way to living a more meaningful and authentic life. 

Life is funny that way. In this day and age we’re always striving to live without suffering any pain - physical or emotional. Yet, the older I get, the more I realize it’s in those moments we probably learn our best lessons. We tend to grow, become more in touch with who we really are and stop listening to everyone who has an opinion about what we should or should not be doing. Often, the greater the pain, the greater the reward. 

I didn’t realize how much I needed to slow down, be quiet and simply just be. I longed to spend more time in nature, become one with the world and really listen to what my heart was telling me. My husband and I decided to rent a house that is half the size of the one we own in PA, but is also just a mere 2 miles from the beach. My favorite thing to do is head down to the ocean to sit and watch the sunset. Sometimes I read, sometimes I write, but mostly I just do nothing. I have no doubt this is what helped me find my way back to my creative self. Listening to the sound of the ocean, watching the birds and reveling in the beautiful show Mother Nature put on night after night - simple things really - helped me clear all the clutter in my brain. I had so much noise - all the “shouldn't", “couldn’t", “ought not", “can’t", “won’t" thoughts I finally reached the point where I, well, just couldn’t anymore. Should I be so surprised? 

My thinking is much more clear now. I am photographing again and creating my best work ever. I don’t doubt myself like I once did. I’m less afraid of chasing my dreams because I believe the universe intends for them to come true. Instead, I am dreaming up even bigger dreams to chase. 

There are days that I long to be back in PA. Living closer to my family, in my own home doing the same things I did for so many years. Familiarity is comforting. But it doesn’t encourage growth. I see that in so many people I know who aren’t living their best lives. Who are afraid to do something different because maybe they’ll fail. That was me too. Instead, by taking this leap of faith, I may have just started the best chapter of my life.

golden retriever on beach at sunset

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