We can do no great things, only small things with great love.
— ~ Mother Teresa

I rarely meet a cat or dog I don’t love. Even the ones who didn’t get the best start in life. I’ve been fortunate to meet hundreds of pets through my work as a pet sitter. I’ve been owned by some very special ones too. All of them have touched my heart in one way or another. They’ve taught me about compassion, patience, devotion, friendship and love. There’s no doubt that my life has been enriched because of them.

I try to give back just a little of what they’ve given me. That’s why I volunteer at a local animal shelter. I hope to change lives by creating compelling images that unite pets with their forever families. Because I support adopting shelter pets, I offer a 10% discount on the session fee for all pets adopted from any shelter or animal rescue group (proof of adoption required).

I am a proud member of HeARTs speak, an organization of artists dedicated to helping shelter pets through their art.  If your animal shelter or rescue organization needs photographs taken of your animals and you would like my help, please contact me.