Before & After

When I tell people that I am a pet photographer, most folks respond that they could never have their dog photographed. Usually for one of two reasons - their pooch would never sit still long enough to get a good shot, and/or he could never be off leash otherwise he would run away. They are surprised to learn that most dogs I photograph are leashed. I just do a little photoshop magic afterwards in post processing so you would never know!

It's been a couple of years since I shared a before and after. Since this has come up in several conversations I've had recently, I thought I would share a recent edit I did. I featured Daisy's Penn State session just last week. If you missed it, you can see it HERE. Anytime I have a session at the Hintz alumni center, I usually insist dogs stay on a leash since the duck pond is right there and it's too tempting for them to cause havoc with these winged creatures. Often, I will also have the dog's owners help me wrangle their pooches so they are placed right where I want them to be. You didn't think dogs listened to directions like "a little more to the left please" did you? 

With a few other edits like cleaning up eye boogers, slobber, stray hairs as well as boosting contrast, adjusting highlights and shadows, fixing white balance,  you have the final retouched image! Easy peasy! Who knew? Maybe now you'll reconsider if your pet could be a rock model for a photo session one day!