Project 52: Week 12 - Something New

"Something New" is the theme for this week's Project 52. We could photograph anything that was new to us, a new location, a new toy, with a new piece of camera equipment, or a new pet. Well, this one was easy for me, as my husband and I just adopted a new puppy. Recently, we decided it was time to get a second dog, a playmate for Izzy as she seems to really enjoy having another dog around. It's also been almost 9 months since our last foster dog was adopted, so until we found a dog that we felt was a perfect match for all of us, we would foster. It didn't take long. First, a treeing walker coonhound named Belle stayed with us for a brief 2 weeks before she found her forever home. Then we met Keatah, who was surrendered by a family who didn't have time for a puppy. Another family quickly decided to bring her home, but needed more time so all family members could meet her first. We agreed to foster Keatah for the night so she didn't have to stay in the kennel. When the family changed their mind, we told the shelter we would like to keep her.


We've been trying to find a dog that would easily integrate with our family. From the moment Keatah walked into our house, it seemed she was the one. Izzy picked up one of her favorite toys and dropped it at Keatah's feet as though she were asking her to play. The girls tumble together for hours on end, and when they're tired out, we find them curled up on the dog bed snoozing together. We kept Keatah's name, but changed the spelling to Kita. Within a couple of weeks, she was housebroken and allowed to have the roam of the downstairs when we are not home. So far, knock on wood, she has not destroyed anything. We're not sure what she is, but clearly there is some kind of terrier in her. We think perhaps golden retreiver and corgi mix as well. Regardless, she has a very sweet personality and Izzy seems to be fond of her.


Now that the snow is melting, it seems there is mud everywhere. It's hard to get out and photograph and I'm really ready for spring to arrive. But since Kita wasn't socialized, I've been taking her to various parks where we find lots of people. She barks at everything and everyone, but in time, I hope she'll feel more comfortable with new things. It's hard to photograph 1 dog when two are with me, so I didn't get as many photos as I had hoped for this blog. But there will be plenty of time for that! Kita is a small girl, weighing only 16 pounds. We don't think she'll be much bigger. But she's been a joy to have around. Besides, I think my husband is madly in love with her!

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