Ultimate gift guide for the dog lover in your life!

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I'd share a few things I found that would make great gift ideas for the dog lovers in your life. Or maybe you want to splurge a little and get something for yourself. Because, between you and me, I'm putting some of these ideas on my wish list too!

1. Carrying pet clean up bags can be a pain and unsightly. But you can change that with this adorable personalized dog bag case from Neiman Marcus! Choose from a selection of 5 colors, this is a perfect gift for that fashion forward dog mom! 



I've been looking for a necklace with a silhouette of a golden retriever, and when I found this website, I knew my search was over. So simple and elegant, it's the perfect touch to any outfit without screaming so over the top crazy dog lady!

Carrie Cramer 


The Pooch Selfie may have been around for a while, but it's something I've been meaning to get for myself. While I may take lots of photos of my own dogs, I don't get that many great selfies. This tool would be the perfect way to change that!



What a great idea this is! Send a photo of your pet and My petsies will make a stuffed plush toy of your beloved fur baby. Not just for kids either!



You can never have too many t-shirts. Especially with a hashtag like this! This is definitely going on my wish list!



Holiday Gift Guide for the dog and cat lovers in your life!

Shopping for the animal lover in your life can be a lot of fun! From books, to clothes, jewelry and even boxer shorts, there's something for men, women and children that fits everyone's budget. Here's a list of some of my favorite finds in 2016. There may be a thing, or two, or three (!) on my wish list, so I sure do hope Santa is reading too! 

This book has been on my to read list for a while. And now that it's been made into a major motion picture due in theaters Jan 27, 2017, I really need to get my hands on a copy. On the New York Times bestseller list for a year, it's a story of one devoted dog searching for the meaning of life through the lives of humans. Sure to be funny, heartwarming and emotional, I can't wait to see the movie after reading the book. You can find your copy at any book store.
















What's not to love about this adorable sweater from Talbots? The cute face on this boston terrier coupled with the bright red is sure to make you feel cheery even on the coldest and darkest of winter days! The perfect gift for the boston terrier fan in your life, or any dog lover really! Buy yours HERE







How fun would it be getting dressed in the mornings by starting with these boxers? Featuring german shepherds, made out of 100% cotton, they're sure to be comfortable under any outfit - suit and tie or otherwise! Know someone who would love a pair? You can find them at JCREW.  











I love it when my purchase goes toward helping a great cause! So when I discovered the company I HEART DOGS I couldn't help but share more than one of their products on my gift guide list! I could spend a lot of time browsing through their website, but what I really like is that they also say how your purchase is making a difference. For example, buying this bracelet will help feed 10 shelter dogs. And how can you not agree with this sentiment? I probably say it everyday as I walk out the door for work. It is definitely going on my wish list!








Oh yeah! This about sums up my perfect day! Also found at I HEART DOGS, there are pages and pages of t-shirts - something for every dog and cat lover in your life. Every purchase helps feed 8 shelter dogs. How cool is that?












It's all about the glitter and glam these days! And this iPhone case from Kate Spade will fulfill any girl's wish for a something a little special under the Christmas tree! Isn't this simply adorable! You can find one at LORD & TAYLOR



I love instagram and it seems many cats (and dogs) have their own IG accounts these days. Some sure do lead exciting lives! I'm not ashamed to say many might even lead a more glamorous lifestyle than I do! Feline fans will love this book of over 400 photos from the instagram account @cats_of_instagram. You can find a copy at AMAZON.COM










CHARITY PAWS is another great company that creates apparel that is meant to be conversation starters. They donate 20% of every item purchased to non-profit animal charities all over the world! What a great way to make a difference while buying holiday gifts for the animal lovers in your life!  
























If your feet are going to be cold, you might as well make a fashion statement! These adorable ballet slippers come in 2 colors and can be found at any TARGET store! 









I found this hat and glove set while browsing through the new H + M store in downtown State College earlier this fall. That hat is just too cute for words! I already own too many hats and mittens, or this surely would have come home with me! What fun to wear on a cold and snowy day!

Holiday Gift Guide for the cats in your life

Dogs aren't the only ones who look forward to finding something special under the Christmas tree! Here are a few of my favorite holiday gift ideas for the felines in your life!

How cool is this scratch pad! When I started looking for cat gift ideas, I came across several unique ones, but this was my favorite! I wish I had a cat now! Imagine all the cool photos you could capture of your cat playing with it! Think your cat needs one? You can find it HERE!









It's been several years since I had a cat, but shopping for gift ideas makes me want to get one again! Every cat should have their own super fun playhouse! Made in the USA out of recycled cardboard, you'll be the talk of your friends and family when they see your cat playing in this ice cream truck! You can find it at FAMOUS OTO's










If you've ever spent any time on Etsy, you know there are some awesome creative types out there! Making all kinds of really neat things, like this cat bed. Not only do I love the color, but it looks so warm and cozy. With a variety of colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches your decor. Click HERE to purchase one for the spoiled feline in your life!








Every cat I know loves to chase laser lights. Set this interactive toy on a table and watch your cat chase the random patterns of light for hours and hours! Fun and entertaining, you can find one at FROLICAT!






With nine lives, cats need fortunes too! How cute are these catnip fortune cookies? Filled with organic catnip, your feline friends will be sure to be the life of any party! You can find them HERE!

Holiday Gift Guide for the dogs in your life

Now that we've gotten through the big thanksgiving feast, it's time to kick-off the holiday shopping season! I'm always looking for great ideas for the dog lovers and dogs in my life and have found some terrific gift ideas. I've put together a list of a few of my favorites, including featuring local businesses and gifts that support a great cause.

Stay tuned for more Gift Guides!



Every dog needs a space to claim as their own and what better way to do this than with a comfy dog bed. Featuring a company located right here in central PA, you can't go wrong with this dog bed from Woolrich. The best thing? It's also made in the USA! I can personally vouch for it as we bought one for Izzy when we first brought her home and she still cuddles up on it! 






I love a company that supports great causes, especially animal ones. So when I discovered FOUND MY ANIMAL, I knew this is a company where I want to spend my money. What better gift for your pooch than one of their fabulous leashes, and help support a company than promotes pet adoption at the same time!









How cute are these holiday dog toys? If you're looking for something to entertain your dog during the holiday festivities Christmas morning, look no further! Available in 2 sizes for big and small dogs, these are durable and 100% guaranteed. If you've stopped buying toys for your dogs because they rip them faster than you can get the tags off, then you need to check out PLANET DOG.




I may not dress up my dogs, but I love a pretty collar! So when I found this company that makes their collars out of organic cotton, I knew I found where I'm going to buy the next collars my girls will wear! With fabrics in all kinds of prints, patterns and colors, there is sure to be something you'll love too! Check them out at VERY VINTAGE DESIGNS.


I discovered Pipolli on instagram and have been following them ever since. One day I'm going to adopt a frenchie and when I do, I want this teepee for her (or him!). A perfect hideaway and how much fun would this be in your living room!