Project 52: Week 14 - Under

"Under" is the theme for this week's Project 52 theme. I could think of a lot of ways to interpret this. Under the covers, under a bridge, under the fence, under whelmed (Izzy's enthusiasm when I ask her to pose for me for an itty bitty little treat). Kita under Izzy, which she does a lot when they play together. Understanding, when I say certain words like "walk" and "cookie" and even under exposed. 

I decided to go with under a window. When I bought my house, one of the selling points was the doggie door off the back porch leading to a fenced in back yard. It's wonderful on rainy, cold, snowy, and windy days. And even nice ones. I love being able to open the back door and let the dogs out to go to do their business. So here's Izzy peeking out through the doggie door which is under the screened window. 

I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with. Next, go check out Spotty Nose Pet Photography of Los Angeles, CA. Keep clicking on all the links until you get back here.