Project 52: Week 21 - Solitude

Solitude is the theme for this week's Project 52. I decided to take Izzy & Kita to a park that I haven't visited in a long time. In fact, the last time I was here, Izzy was a puppy. It's a great place for a hike as it's never crowded. If you're lucky, most of the time you'll be the only one here. We ran into a couple of people and their dogs on our 2 hour hike, but most of the time it was just me and the girls. There's just something refreshing about a walk in nature with nothing to do but enjoy the world around me. I had only intended to stay for an hour, but obviously I was having too much fun and wasn't ready to head back to the world of work, to do lists, cell phones and computers. If it weren't for all the insects flying around and the ticks I'd probably go here more often. But as it was, when I got home I had to comb through the dogs and pick off several ticks. Sigh!

The nice thing about having the trails to ourselves is that I can take the leash off Izzy and let her run. She won't go too far as she doesn't want to be alone. So she's really good about stopping and waiting for me to catch up to her. This is the look she gives me while she patiently waits for my 2 legs to catch up to her 4! I love this trait about her, though I'm not sure if she saw a bunny or a squirrel she would be as good!


The woods are a great place for Izzy to find some of her favorite things! If you know golden retrievers, then you know there's nothing like a good stick to chew on! Looks like I caught her trying to decide which one (or perhaps all of them!) she wants to work on!


Everyone once in a while she stopped and posed for me! I just love how happy she is! And why I love photographing her!


Not only does Izzy like to chew on sticks, she loves to retrieve them too. Here I'm holding one for her to chase. Look at the concentration on her face! She's not about to lose sight of that stick!


These are typical scenes from Pennsylvania's forests! It's too bad I didn't go a week sooner when all of the rhododendrons were at full peak with their purple flowers! But there's no shortage of plant and wildlife to explore! Shortly after we got home, Izzy was sound asleep resting from her adventure. 

Be sure to follow the blog ring around until you get back here. Next up is Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos. Happy Friday!