Izzy turns 5!

My baby girl turned 5! I know everyone says it, but it's so true. It's hard to believe has fast time flies! Seems like it was only yesterday we were bringing our cute little fluff ball home! Every year on Izzy's birthday I make it a point to take her photo. Not that I don't take plenty of photos the rest of the year, but there have been times when months have gone by and I haven't picked up the camera to capture the events of her life. So since 5 is kind of big deal, well, if you're a dog that is, I decided to do something a little different. I got Izzy some special new toys, made some homemade pupcakes and set up a little garden party to celebrate her special day. I wasn't sure I could pull it off, it's been raining off and on. It seemed as soon as I got it set up, I had to take it all down while I waited the weather out. But finally on her birthday I got enough of a break in between showers to do this. I think Izzy had a good time. It was almost like she knew it was her birthday. Of course, anytime there's special treats involved is sure to be a good day for her!

It's almost like she's saying, "Gee, thanks, all this for ME?"



Loving her balloons! I wasn't sure if she would hate them and run away or if she'd be ok with them blowing in the wind.

I've tried and tried to get her to wear party hats (or anything on her head), to no avail, until now! 

She's been waiting to chow down on her pupcakes ever since I made them the day before. Begging, nicely, to finally have one!


Homemade pupcakes, so easy to make! And healthy too!

I'd share the photos of her eating the pupcake, but my husband never got a chance to set it down in front of her! She ate it in one bite! Nope, not going to savor the flavors! That's my Izzy!


Of course she wanted more, so this time we doled it out in little pieces. 

No birthday is complete without gifts! I found these wonderful organic toys and couldn't decide on one, so I bought several.


Izzy loves to open gifts! Christmas is easily one of her favorite holidays. She has a short attention span and prefers to play with (and eat!) the paper, so I only wrapped one toy.


Proudly showing off her new toy!

Of course Kita was a guest at Izzy's party! Caught her begging for some pupcake!

And now we look forward to many more birthdays to celebrate! How am I going to top this off when it's Kita's turn???