Why custom pet photography? | State College pet photographer

So, why pet photography? With cell phone cameras getting better and better, and living in the digital age that we do, people are taking photos of their pets all the time. Why would anyone want to have professional photos taken of their fur-babies?

1. Their lives are too short. You’ve heard the saying before and it’s so true. My golden retriever Izzy is about to turn 5 and it seems like only yesterday we were anxiously waiting to bring our 8 week old fur ball home! Now that we have another puppy, Kita, I’m reminded of how fast time really does fly! With cancer rampant in so many breeds (like golden retrievers), I know I need to appreciate every day I have with my girls. I’ve heard too many people say they wish they had more photos of their fur-babies. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


2. Puppies grow fast! Some puppies don’t seem to grow much, like toy poodles, but you can certainly see the growth in breeds like Australian Shepherds, Great Danes and Mastiffs. And let’s face it, photographing puppies is hard! They wiggle, and move non-stop except, it seems, when they are sleeping. Trying to capture them during this stage of their life with a cell phone is a recipe for disaster. While you can get pretty good images, they are not fast enough to capture the action of our furry babies. How many blurry photos have you had to delete? What better way to capture this ever-changing period in their lives than with a professional photo session documenting their growth?

3. They have no milestones to celebrate. If you have kids without fur, then you know all the milestones they have. The first teeth, their first steps, their first birthday, their first Christmas, the first day of kindergarten, you get the idea. There’s no shortage of reasons to grab a camera and immortalize those memories forever. With our fur-babies, we don’t have events to mark the passing of their lives. Why not get photos now while they are still chasing tennis balls, going to the drive-through for that well-deserved treat, and hiking in one of your favorite parks. Yes, life gets busy, all the more reason to do this while you can.

4. You can’t photograph the relationship you have with your fur-baby. While you certainly can take lots of photos of your fur baby, what about capturing the special bond you share? Selfies are all the rage these days, but asking your fur-baby to sit close (and still!) so she can be in the photo with you, is well, about near impossible. Let me capture the special relationship between you and your fur-baby.

5. Your photos are personalized! Having professional photos of your fur baby also means getting personalized photos. Have a favorite park you like to go to? We’ll do the session there! Your fur baby loves to swim in the creek? Let’s get photos of him splashing in the water! Can’t get in the car anymore because of bad hips? Let’s capture your fur baby at home, where he feels most comfortable these days. A photo session is unique to you, so let’s create artwork that tells the story of your fur-baby! What are you waiting for?