Kita turns 2!!

Last year I completely forgot Kita's birthday, until well, about a month later. Even though I know she doesn't know the difference, I felt bad. So this year I promised myself I wouldn't make the same mistake again. I took her on her own little photo shoot earlier this week, just her and me with a walk around the park afterwards. Today, we'll indulge in some of her favorite things ~ a new toy to play tug of war with Izzy (one of her favorite games), an ice cream treat (though any treat would do) and a walk (anywhere as long as she gets to come!). She's rather easy to please, wouldn't you say?

She's come a long way since the first day we brought her to our house to foster. She snapped at pretty much anyone who came near her. She still chases bikes, kids on skateboards, cars and trucks with loud engines, but she is better about meeting new people. It helped that we learned she doesn't like to be approached by those she doesn't know. Rather, she prefers to be in control approaching to say "Hi" when she feels comfortable. And so far she hasn't turned down the opportunity to meet anyone when we handle it this way. She's also been to several canine events and is learning how to interact with other dogs. But most of all, the cute dog we fell in love with just gets cuter as she's learned how to wrap us around her little paws!

Happy birthday Kita!!

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