Happy 3rd Kita!!!

Boy, they aren't kidding when they say "time flies!" Kita's birthday caught me by surprise yet again! At least I remembered a couple of days ago so we could plan something a little special and fun! 

Kita sure has grown up in the last 12 months. No more jumping on the kitchen counters, grabbing reading glasses off the dining room table and leaving little "presents" in the corner of the living room. We're still working on her not eating them though! Yuck! 


She's also become quite the perfect little photographer's model. Whenever I want to work on something like lighting or scout a new location, she's always up for the task. What's so great about her is that when I start pulling out the treats, she knows what is expected of her and gives me the time I need to nail the shot. If I shift one of her legs to where I want it, she doesn't move. If I tell her to "wait", she never breaks her stay command. She tolerates my lights, all the adjustments I make and I always come away with some keepers every time I photograph her. Quite the change from the little pup who wouldn't let me touch her paws, her ears, open her mouth and certainly never trim her nails! Now she loves to be held, and isn't shy about asking to picked up so we can carry her. 

She's got quite the personality and I've got all kinds of photo session ideas I want to create with her. Some are quite elaborate and one day I hope to pull them off. I wasn't sure of this little pipsqueak when she first came to stay with us a foster dog, but now, I'm really grateful she came into our lives...and hearts!

Happy birthday Kita!!!