The Three Frenchies

Back in August I posted a blog about my dream photo session. If you missed it, click HERE to see what I'm talking about. At the top of my list was a photo session with a French Bulldog. I don't know what it is about this breed, but they just melt my heart. Maybe it's the big ears. Or the cute little snoring noises they make when they sleep. Or their roly-poly bodies. Or all of the above! All I know is that I just want to squish every single one that I meet!


Well, the universe was listening and granted me a photo session with not 1, not 2, but 3 frenchies! In New York of all places! Now how cool is that! I'm making a mental note to put more wishes out there. Because dreams really do come true!


Not only was the session in New York, but it was in Dumbo of all places. When I heard that, secretly I found myself looking for the elephant correlation because I couldn't imagine why else an area of the city would be called D U M B O. But it turns out there is a reason. Not related to the Proboscidea. It's short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. An industrial area, many buildings are being converted to spacious luxury lofts. It's also the home of the 100th West Elm store which once warehoused the Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company. Ok, whatever. But this location was a photographer's dream! Literally. And we weren't the only ones pointing our lenses at beautiful models. Waiting our turns so we could set the puppers up, because everyone who owned a camera had the same idea we did. But it was so worth it! 


Claus, Buttercup and Khaleesi didn't disappoint! In fact, I could have spent all day with them, not just a couple of hours. They probably would have minded, needing a snooze at some point. Not only did they show up in the cutest collars and leashes, but their owners had a bag full of other leashes, collars and outfits for them to wear. Just doing a fashion show with their accessories would have taken an afternoon alone. These are some serious trendy pups! I'm not one for dressing dogs up, but now that it's getting colder, I know there are many breeds that truly benefit from wearing a hoodie. Frenchies are no exception. 


Whether I'll ever meet this trio again, one thing I know for sure. I'll be back to explore more. 

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