Silent auction winner

You may recall earlier this year I donated a couple of sessions to silent auctions to raise money for local charities. I photographed one of the winners recently. After we met for their planning sessions, this family decided they wanted a fall session. I suggested the beautiful Penn State campus which was the perfect location since they have ties to the area dating back to childhood. 

Expecting cooler weather in October, we ended up scheduling the session during the heat wave that hit the northeast feeling more like a summer day instead. In spite of it cooling off in the evenings, I think all of us were plenty warm by the end of the day! We were at least prepared and brought plenty of water for the dogs. 

I can't remember if Tillie, Toby and Trixie had ever been on the campus before, but they definitely had fun watching all the little critters run around. It took a great deal of effort to convince them that what was going on in front of the camera was far more interesting! 

Like many dogs, it took this trio a little while before they settled down and began working the camera. But once they did, they were fantastic models and we were able to get some great shots. I'm happy to report that no squirrels or chipmunks were harmed in the process! Being terriers, which are bred for rodent control, the drive to chase and hunt small critters is pretty high! And there were plenty of small animals running around as they busied themselves preparing for a long winter. 

Here are a few images from their session! If you'd like to bid on a session for your own pets, stay tuned! I'm excited to announce that I will be donating a couple sessions to local fundraisers again next year. Details will be coming soon!