Puppies, puppies and more puppies!

When my friend and Sporty Dog daycare owner Julie announced that her girl Cantina was expecting, I can’t remember how many seconds it took before I suggested we needed to do a puppy photo session! I’ve photographed all of Julie’s dogs and have enjoyed every session with them. Because of their agility and obedience training, they are so well behaved. Which is perfect for me since I don’t need to worry about wrangling them in addition to capturing the shot I have in mind.  Granted, puppies won’t be as well behaved, but they’re puppies, and well, how is that not going be to be fun???


Julie suggested I come over and meet the litter first and so I could get to know them. It also gave me the opportunity to figure out where to set up since I planned on bringing my studio equipment for this. With eight puppies in the litter, trying to do this outdoors would be nearly impossible. We opted not to get a group photo, instead just focusing on one puppy at a time.


When we scheduled the session, the pups were six and a half weeks old. Old enough to start developing personalities, but young enough that they weren’t too rambunctious. I found this great little child’s chair that would be the perfect prop. I also have a collection of boxes and crates that I brought with me too. It had been two weeks since I met the pups, and underestimated how much they had grown. They had outgrown some of the baskets I had planned on using!


The puppies did great! Once we got them into place, Julie spotted just in case they dared to jump. If I took too long, they’d start crying. My lighting equipment didn’t bother them, nor did the paper backdrop I had set up.  Time flew by and before I knew it, I was packed up and on my way back home. It doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyways…they were so delightful! With their tiny cries, adorable faces and cute playfulness, puppies have a way of making any day the best day ever! Here are a few shots from that afternoon!