My dream photo session

Anyone notice lately that back to school products are now on the shelves at stores? I feel like we’re barely ½ way through summer and already we’re thinking ahead to fall. I found myself looking at planners since I’m still in search of the perfect one. While I have a book for 2017, I realized one of the things that is important for me in any planner is a place to record goals and dreams. Not just yearly, but to break them down into quarterly, monthly and weekly tasks so I can achieve these goals.  Which then got me thinking about my goals and dreams for the rest of 2017. After all, we still have five more months to go!

I’ve written about this before, but I write out business goals every year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make changes and update my list. So the other day I asked myself what would my dream photo session consist of? Who do I want to photograph that I haven’t? I challenged myself to think big and reach high.

I have sketches of photo ideas I want to execute. Some of them require skills that I don’t yet have, but want to work toward. Some of them I need to write up a plan to make happen which includes shopping for props, planning the lighting and finding the right models.

I also have a list of animals I want to photograph including specific dog breeds. At the top of my list is a French bulldog. I am so in love with this breed and about drool whenever I see one around town! I’d also love to photograph a pot bellied pig, a rabbit, a savannah cat, and a sugar glider.. While I love all dogs, the following breeds are on my wish list to photograph - a Dalmatian, boxer, bernese mountain dog (especially puppies!), Australian shepherd, a corgi, an afghan hound, and an Alaskan Malamute. This list changes constantly, but this is the list that matches my current state of mind.

I also have a fantasy that Barack and Michelle Obama one day will call me to photograph their Portuguese water dogs! Hey, if I make a wish, it could happen, right? Another celebrity high on my list is Bradley Cooper and his chow retriever mix Charlotte. People's sexiest man alive refers to his pup as one of his "kids." As if I needed another reason to love this guy! And who can forget HGTV’s Property Brothers Jonathan Scott and his two dogs. I'm not going to lie, I might be more excited about meeting Jonathan than his two furry friends! Can you blame me??

There, I’ve put that out there! If you know of any animals on my list, have them call me! And if you’ve got connections with someone who has connections to someone else who has connections and can get me in touch with one of my celebrity idols, let me know!!!

Trina BauerComment