I spend a lot of time on Instagram. These days I scroll through my IG feed more than I look at my Facebook page. If you want to cast a wider audience or draw attention to your post, then using hashtags is the way to go. Some hashtags are used to organize posts by subject such as #dogsofinstagram, or cities like #oceancitymaryland or it's shortened but well known hashtag #OCMD. Some hashtags are used to encourage users to share photos that fit that subject. Such as #tongueouttuesday. I'm guessing I don't need to explain what this is. 

In nearly every photoshoot, there are funny out takes. Pets make comical expressions, wind blows hair all over the place, perhaps a funny moment between family members happens right as I push the shutter button. One thing that is nearly impossible to time, but happens often, is pets with their tongues hanging out. Either because they are licking their chops, panting on a hot day, or running wild with a tongue flapping much like ears flap in the wind. So today I thought I'd share some of these tongue moments. Maybe you'll get a kick out of them like I did!