Must have apps for pet parents

With smart phones and apps being used more these days than tablets and the internet, I thought I'd share a list of pet apps that every pet parent should have. 

1. Pet First Aid - Red Cross

With photos and step-by-step directions, this app will guide you through what to do in many common situations such as bloat, seizures and shock. If you're traveling, the app will help you locate a nearby veterinarian hospital. There's also information on how to prepare for disasters and emergencies including a list of what to include in a pet first aid kit. If you want to test your knowledge of pet first aid, the app has quizzes for you to take. It's FREE and is definitely worth downloading.

Pet First Aid- Red Cross

2. Animal Poison Control Center - APCC by ASPCA

This easy to use app is also FREE and a must have for all pet parents. You start by selecting a species - cats, dog, horses and birds - then by the source - plants, foods, medication and household hazards. If the weight and amount consumed will determine how detrimental a poison can be, the app will ask for this information. Otherwise, it lists by ingredients alphabetically and in what product or source it can be found. Possible symptoms are listed as well as a rating on the toxicity and what action should be taken. Just browsing through the app, I learned a lot and highly recommend it!

Animal Poison Control Center

3. Walk for a dog - Wooftrax

You want to help animals and get yourself in shape, right? Then this is the app for you! By downloading it on your phone and logging in every time you go for a walk, you help raise money for local animal shelters. It's FREE and it doesn't matter how short or long your walk is. Nor do you have to have a dog to use this app. Whether you're walking with your own dogs or just out for a leisurely stroll, every step counts. I'd say this is a win-win for the homeless animals, your dog and you!


4. Weather puppy

Ok, this is by far my favorite pet app! If you're a cat person, then you probably would prefer weather kitty. Or if you want to see the wild animals of the world, then you can choose Wildlife weather. Sometimes I go check the weather just to see a a puppy photo! The images change depending on the season, time of day and of course, the weather. It's sure to put a smile on your face as the puppies even on a cold, dreary overcast day. This app is also free, but you upgrade for $1.99 and pick a theme. As the app has never been cuter!

Weather puppy

What pet apps do you have? I'd love to hear about your favorites!! If you have any to share, leave a comment below!