Chinese New Year - the year of the dog

Happy New Year! Tomorrow marks the start of the Chinese New Year and in 2018, it happens to be the year of the dog! There are 12 zodiac animals that represent each year in a 12 year cycle. Each zodiac is said to have certain characteristics and traits. Just like in astrology, the zodiac system can be used to predict fortune, career, marriage compatibility and so on. 

People born in the year of the dog are considered loyal, much like our canine friends. They are honest, conservative, cautious and hard workers. They rarely break rules and are valued in the workplace. They have strong reasoning skills, high morals and never abandon their friends, family or co-workers. They put their heart and soul into everything they do. 

Good career choices are lawyers, judges, police officers and counselors. Your lucky colors are red, green and purple. The best match for a dog is the rabbit. Both are honest, agreeable and with understanding personalities will get along will little drama or angst for the long haul.

Famous celebrities who were also born in the year of the dog include Donald Trump, Madonna, Kate Middleton, Michael Jackson and Mother Teresa. 

Are you a dog or another zodiac animal? I was born in the year of the Monkey.

Chinese New Year 2018