Celebrating Dog Father's

Being a parent is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding job there is. As a father's daughter, I know I'm responsible for some of my dad's gray hairs! And possibly even a few near heart attacks! But we've weathered the storms and came out on the other side just fine. 

Just like my dad made a difference in my life, I know there are many men who have made a difference in the lives of their fur kids. Even though we don't have children, my husband, Steve, is quite possibly one of the best pet parents I know. Compassionate, caring, giving, loyal, and loving. It''s because of him we have insects living in our house in the dead of winter. We stop the car whenever we see a critter lost, loose, or injured along the side of the road. We have rescued eagles, turtles, snakes, rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, raccoons and skunks. He has given me the strength to foster dogs and let them go when they find forever families. He never questioned me when I called to tell him the news of my friend's passing and said we need to bring her dog Tillie home with us, to be a part of our family. 

Recently I took Tillie out on a photo shoot and asked my husband to join us. I wanted to capture a photo of him in honor of Father's Day. It was a new location to me, a perfect place to spend an evening watching the sunset over Happy Valley. Tillie has always adored him, and it makes me so happy that he feels the same way about her.

Happy Father's Day!!! 

Australian Shepherd and man in field of wildflowers