Gone to the birds!

I’ve never been much of a birder. It’s not that I don’t like birds, it’s just that I’m more fascinated with other creatures like muskrats, raccoons, and bears. But since I’ve moved to Florida, I’ve become more interested in our avian wildlife. And some species in particular. Like the roseate spoonbills, snowy egrets and white pelicans.

There are several great places to watch and photograph all kinds of birds including the pond right down the street from where I live. Winter means it’s mating season and the opportunity to see baby birds. I don’t have the longest lens so I know not to expect to capture fabulous photos. But the more I do this, the more addicted I become! It’s been fun watching and learning all about these magnificent animals. Who knows? Maybe I will become a bird photographer!

snowy egrets mating season

Snowy egrets preparing the nest.

Blue heron family

Blue herons and their babies.

white pelicans Ding Darling

White pelicans at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

white pelican swimming

White pelican swimming at Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge.

burrow owl southwest FL

Burrow owl in southwest Florida.

juvenile bald eagles

Juvenile bald eagles - 11 weeks old.

bald eagle nest

Momma brings home lunch.

bald eagle juveniles and mom

Juvenile bald eagle learning how to fly while her siblings and mom look on.