Lessons from the dog - keep digging until you find buried treasure

Like most golden retrievers, my girl Izzy, loves to play with tennis balls. Sometimes the ball rolls under the fence in our backyard. Just far enough out of reach, yet not too far that she can’t see it. When this happens, she starts to digging at the ground hoping to get the ball to move just a smidge closer to her. While it’s a fun game for her, we are constantly screaming in frustration lest we have holes all over our yard!t But I have to admit, her plan usually works. If she digs enough, she'll be rewarded with her coveted prize! And play one more round of toss and chase the ball with me!

Izzy isn’t the only dog I know who likes to dig. Whatever the treasure is - a tennis ball, a bone, a treat or a favorite toy - digging has it’s rewards. And this is another lesson we can learn from our dogs. 

Often, we give up too easily. Or don't dig deep enough. But if we keep on digging we might be surprised at what we'll find. Our dogs know this, because within every hole they create, there was something in there worth digging for! We should do the same. Like discovering our true selves buried deep within us. Or give up when things get tough instead of digging our way past the surface. Perhaps we just met someone and didn't hit it off. If we dig deeper and get to know them better, we might find we have a lot in common. So the next time you feel like you're not making your dreams come true, go back to your hole and dig a little deeper. If you don't end up in China first, I bet you'll find you just didn't dig far enough!

golden retriever digging