Lessons from the dog - let the wind blow in your face

My backyard is nothing special. But I'm fortunate that I have a fenced in yard so my dogs can run around off leash safely. It's mostly a flat yard, but there is this little hill. And that's where I find them when they're not playing. It's got the best vantage point to see what's going on beyond our property. 

On windy days, they like to sit on that hill and point their faces to the sky. I swear they also have big smiles. It's clear they love to feel the wind blowing in their faces. I know it has something to do with smelling all the scents blowing by them. But you see dogs doing this in cars when the windows are rolled down. Just soaking it all in!

Dogs are so good about living in the moment. And that's another lesson we can learn from them. Take in the fresh air, feel the wind blowing your hair, smell the scents of the outdoors. Who cares if it messes up your hair, it feels good. Kind of like feeling as though you can fly. So the next time your dog sticks her nose upwards, join her. See how much you enjoy it. Release all your stresses and worries to the wind and just be. Here. Now. Fully alive.

golden retriever ears blowing in the wind