Project 52: Week 12 - Tighter Apertures/Deeper Focus

Choosing what is in or out of focus can change the story being told in an image. Our assignment for this Week 12's Project 52 was to shoot with an aperture of f/10 (bumping up our ISO if needed) and notice that we are creating images with deeper focus. We needed to think about our location more carefully, choose a longer lens or different point of view to get a cleaner background. I found this assignment particularly thought provoking. I tend to shoot with a wider aperture so I can let more light in. However, my images have a shallower depth of field as a result.

I also found that I really needed to think about my location and shoot somewhere I wanted to be as much a part of my image as my subjects. I headed over to a park with a covered bridge. Now this isn't just any covered bridge. It was built by Penn State students when I was a kid. The project was led by my father, a civil engineer, and I remember vividly the day the bridge was placed over the creek. But I digress! Izzy and Kita were all too happy to participate and so I set up this shot. Because my ISO was so high, normally I wouldn't have closed down my aperture this much. However,  I really love how the truss of the bridge is as much a part of the story as Izzy and Kita are. 


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