Holiday Gift Guide for the dogs in your life

Now that we've gotten through the big thanksgiving feast, it's time to kick-off the holiday shopping season! I'm always looking for great ideas for the dog lovers and dogs in my life and have found some terrific gift ideas. I've put together a list of a few of my favorites, including featuring local businesses and gifts that support a great cause.

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Every dog needs a space to claim as their own and what better way to do this than with a comfy dog bed. Featuring a company located right here in central PA, you can't go wrong with this dog bed from Woolrich. The best thing? It's also made in the USA! I can personally vouch for it as we bought one for Izzy when we first brought her home and she still cuddles up on it! 






I love a company that supports great causes, especially animal ones. So when I discovered FOUND MY ANIMAL, I knew this is a company where I want to spend my money. What better gift for your pooch than one of their fabulous leashes, and help support a company than promotes pet adoption at the same time!









How cute are these holiday dog toys? If you're looking for something to entertain your dog during the holiday festivities Christmas morning, look no further! Available in 2 sizes for big and small dogs, these are durable and 100% guaranteed. If you've stopped buying toys for your dogs because they rip them faster than you can get the tags off, then you need to check out PLANET DOG.




I may not dress up my dogs, but I love a pretty collar! So when I found this company that makes their collars out of organic cotton, I knew I found where I'm going to buy the next collars my girls will wear! With fabrics in all kinds of prints, patterns and colors, there is sure to be something you'll love too! Check them out at VERY VINTAGE DESIGNS.


I discovered Pipolli on instagram and have been following them ever since. One day I'm going to adopt a frenchie and when I do, I want this teepee for her (or him!). A perfect hideaway and how much fun would this be in your living room!