Holiday Gift Guide for the cats in your life

Dogs aren't the only ones who look forward to finding something special under the Christmas tree! Here are a few of my favorite holiday gift ideas for the felines in your life!

How cool is this scratch pad! When I started looking for cat gift ideas, I came across several unique ones, but this was my favorite! I wish I had a cat now! Imagine all the cool photos you could capture of your cat playing with it! Think your cat needs one? You can find it HERE!









It's been several years since I had a cat, but shopping for gift ideas makes me want to get one again! Every cat should have their own super fun playhouse! Made in the USA out of recycled cardboard, you'll be the talk of your friends and family when they see your cat playing in this ice cream truck! You can find it at FAMOUS OTO's










If you've ever spent any time on Etsy, you know there are some awesome creative types out there! Making all kinds of really neat things, like this cat bed. Not only do I love the color, but it looks so warm and cozy. With a variety of colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches your decor. Click HERE to purchase one for the spoiled feline in your life!








Every cat I know loves to chase laser lights. Set this interactive toy on a table and watch your cat chase the random patterns of light for hours and hours! Fun and entertaining, you can find one at FROLICAT!






With nine lives, cats need fortunes too! How cute are these catnip fortune cookies? Filled with organic catnip, your feline friends will be sure to be the life of any party! You can find them HERE!