A Kita look-a-like!

Trina Bauer photography | Kita look-a-like

While I love traveling, I hate leaving my own fur kids behind. I try to take Izzy and Kita with me as much as I can on these trips, but sometimes it's not possible. So the next best thing is to ogle and cuddle every dog  I meet while I'm on vacation. I go especially crazy when I see a golden retriever. Since Kita is a mix breed and we have no idea what she is (though we know she is part terrier), I couldn't help myself when I met this look-a-like dog, Watson,  on the beach where we were staying in Antigua. He is just about the same age as Kita too. His owner is living on the island while he works towards earning a medical degree. He found Watson running around on the school grounds. Watson was scared and shy, but eventually he won him over. And so Watson found himself with a new home and family.

While I'm sure Watson and Kita are not related, his personality reminded me so much of Kita. I couldn't of course leave without taking any photos! Isn't he just adorable? Aside from the ears, don't you agree that he looks like my girl? I have to admit I'm jealous of this fellow. Every morning and evening he gets to go for a walk on one of the best beaches of the caribbean. How's that for a dog's life!

Thanks for reading! If you haven't met Kita, click HERE to read my blog post after we first adopted her!