Sporty Dog Daycare display

Last year when I ran a promotion for a model call search, friend and fellow pet entrepreneur Julie Mikesell sent me a note saying she had 5 models who would be more than happy to be in front of my camera! Knowing I'd be working with well trained pooches, I was so excited she offered! When fall rolled around, and our schedules complied, we set up 5 sessions for each of her dogs. Even though she has 4 labs, each one of them is unique, so capturing their individual personality was something we worked on together. Fiesta, below, is shy in front of a camera, so keeping my distance and using a telephoto lens, I was able to capture their bond without her being aware of my presence. I love this silhouette image of their interaction created at sunset. Can't you feel the love she has for her "mom?"

The oddball of the family, Toga, a Great Dane, is also super sweet and adorable. And huge too! But ever so gentle! With his black and white markings, I knew this red wall was the perfect backdrop for him. The texture just makes it that much better! Sadly, the wall was knocked down a week ago to make way for yet another student high rise apartment building in downtown State College. I'm so glad I got this photo before it was too late!

Captain, one of Julie's 2 male black labs is retired from agility now but isn't he strikingly handsome?

Shaker, aka Shake n Bake, is Julie's "steady eddy" fellow. Always ready to please, he was a terrific model allowing me to spread my wings and try some new things during his session. This image ended up being our favorite. A little more serious of an expression than is usual for Shaker, but oh, what a lovely fall day it was!

Cantina, the youngest of the bunch, had me in fits during her first session. She is a tireless worker, always keeping busy, busy, busy! Fetching a ball, catching a frisbee, waiting for her next command, she was a ball of non-stop energy. And a tongue that I swore hung a mile long! Nothing we did, said or tried, worked to get her to keep her tongue in her mouth. I decided to try a different approach and so we scheduled a second session for her. This is the image I had in my mind. So worth waiting for!

To see this display, stop on over to Sporty Dog daycare in State College! If you have a dog that would love to spend their day playing with other dogs while you are at work, talk to Julie about how to sign up! I've met dogs and puppies after they've spent the day here, and they sure are tired, but happy pups!