Penn State Dog Session | Penn State dog photographer

September. Warm days. Crisp cool nights. Back to school. Fall. It can only mean one other tradition....Penn State football! Being an alumni and married to a die hard football fan, this is a long-awaited season in our household! Friends and family come to visit on home game weekends. Tailgating with my parents at their coveted RV spot next to the stadium. Cheering the Nittany Lions on with 100,000+ other fans. It's a fun-filled 7 weekends that starts in September.

Having grown up in Happy Valley, I've spent many days on the beautiful Penn State campus. I've met students, alumni and PSU fans from all over the world on my walks with my dogs downtown. We're a unique group, friends just from the mere sight of seeing someone wearing a PSU t-shirt or baseball cap. Our greetings start with "We are!", and are answered by "Penn State!". Then we'll introduce ourselves. It's like a secret language really. But we all get it. And we're proud of it too. 

We tell our kids about our years at University Park. The memories we created on Old Main lawn, Movin' On, THON, sing-a-longs at the PHYRST, and so on. We share photos taken at the Nittany Lion shrine, reminisce about the night we had our first kiss with our now spouse, the wedding reception held at the Nittany Lion Inn, the apartment where so many lifelong friends were made. After graduation, we come back year after year - to visit the Arts Fest, drop our children off as they begin their college years following in our footsteps, parents weekend, and purchase a second home because Happy Valley will always have a place in our hearts. After all, it's where our adult formative years took place. And while we've grown up, somewhere, deep inside us, lives a 21 year old Penn State college student.

We pass our love for the Nittany Lions down to our fur-kids too. I've lost count of how many times I've met dogs wearing Penn State collars, or sporting a PSU jersey or bandana. They come to the tailgates too because we don't want to leave them behind when we make the trek to attend the football games. I know. My girls Izzy and Kita are a huge hit saturday mornings when we walk downtown decked in our favorite team gear. They attract a lot of attention at the tailgate, begging for more attention, or another piece of food to fall off someone's plate, another selfie to be posted on Facebook. They don't know it, but they are also die hard Nittany Lion fans!

And that is why I've created my Penn State Dog session. Perfect for all you alumni. What better place for photos of your furry kids than on one of the prettiest campuses in the country. Why not jump in the photos yourselves? Bring the family too! I can see it, a beautiful wall art of the people you adore and cherish the most hanging in your living room. Nearby, on the end table, your wedding photo captured at one of Penn State's iconic locations, the shrine. Then. Now. Still making memories here. Let's capture it!

Call me! Let's set up your session! Now. Don't wait. Seven weekends of home games. Starts tomorrow. It'll be over before you know it. Memories deserve to be photographed. And treasured for years to come. I promise you, you won't regret it. And I'm your gal. Because like you, I bleed blue and white too.