Briggs | State College pet photography

The first time I met Briggs's family was when they replied to a model call I was advertising. They had a pit bull mix they thought would be perfect for this. Milo was an older, very sweet fellow who indeed just what I was looking for. A patient dog, he allowed me to experiment with new techniques I had recently learned, thus giving me the opportunity to create a wide variety of images. Sadly, Milo’s family informed me that he had passed away last year. With heavy hearts and an empty home, they decided to bring home a puppy. And so the search for Briggs began. 

This little bully mix immediately cheered the family up. Knowing he’d grow up fast, and remembering Milo’s session with me, they decided they needed photos of this We scheduled the session as early as we were all available, on a beautiful summer day. Knowing the flowers were in full bloom on the Penn State campus, that’s where we decided to hold the session.

Briggs had only been with his new family for two weeks, but it was apparent he was developing a strong bond with them. Kona, their other bully mix, took a little longer to adapt to the little sptifire, he was quite the change from her older brother Milo. But it was good for her to have a playmate again, and soon they tumbled, rolled and chased one another. 

Now, you can probably guess that photographing and playing with Briggs was the highlight of my week that week. After all, who doesn’t love a puppy? Briggs was a pretty calm fellow considering he was only 11 weeks old. Usually I have all these noise makers I use to get the dog’s attention, but Briggs was so fascinated with all the sights and smells of this new location, he was too busy checking things out to pay any mind to me and my sounds. We had toys for him to chase and captured some truly hilarious action shots!

Later in the session, Briggs’ people jumped in the photos for some family shots. I’m always delighted when my clients opt to do this as I believe not enough people get photos of themselves with their furry family members. Our fur-kids come into our lives for such a short period of time, we should honor this with updated family photos often. It may feel funny or weird at the time since many of us are not used to being photographed, but it’s something you’ll look back and cherish forever.

Here are a few images from this fun session! campus