Making a difference for hundreds of shelter cats

In spite of the fact that I spent most of last winter in Florida, I still managed to photograph over 300 cats and kittens at Centre County PAWS! The best part of all of this is hearing how my photos attract folks to come in and adopt their new best friend. Making a difference for one animal makes my heart full. But helping hundreds, well, I only hope I can make as much a difference for them as they do for me. While I hope and believe that good photos help homeless animals find homes faster, honestly the most important work is done by the dozens of volunteers that work at the shelter day after day, week after week, month after month. From the foster families, to the dog walkers, adoption counselors, the kennel staff, the medical team, the committee members and on and on and on. It really does take a village to help those who cannot speak for themselves.  

2017 PAWS collage