Lessons from the dog - Get wet!

We've all heard the saying April showers bring May flowers. While I love the thought of flowers blooming after a cold, bleak and colorless winter, getting through the days of rain can be hard sometimes. Muddy backyards, wiping the dogs feet every time they come inside, and bad hair days. Unless you find a way to make it fun!


I have a niece that whenever she sees a puddle, instead of heeding her parents stern rule NOT jump in, she does just that! She squeals with delight as she splashes water everywhere. My dogs are the same way! Sometimes it seems the muddier the puddle, the more they just have to walk right through it! Then they wonder why I throw them in the bathtub or run the hose to wash them off afterwards.

But let's think about this for a bit. Maybe our dogs have something to teach us. It's raining. You can't change that. Getting angry or screaming at the rain gods isn't going to make it go away. If we didn't have rain, we wouldn't have green grass (ever visit the southwest where it's nothing but a sea of brown in the middle of summer?), trees to provide shade, flowers to make the world more colorful, streams that flow, ponds to canoe in and water to drink. Furthermore, we wouldn't have rainbows to chase.

Why not make the most of it? Act like a kid again! Join your dogs and let loose. If you need to, put on a pair of pretty rain boots and a raincoat. Umbrellas are optional. Water never hurt anyone, right? I bet you'll feel so alive and laugh like you haven't in a very long time. I'm looking forward to the next rainstorm. Who's with me?


Lessons from the dog - Get Wet