Puppy love!

If I could describe heaven here on earth, it would probably consist of my camera, a beautiful day and a bunch of puppies. Oh, and some ice cream to munch on in between puppy naps! I just love watching puppies grow up and learn all about the world around them. And who can forget puppy breath, puppy yawns, puppy barks, puppy fur and puppy cuddles???

Recently, to my delight, I got to spend an afternoon living in my little slice of heaven! And it did not disappoint! This is now the third time I have photographed a litter of puppies raised by a friend of mine who breeds Labrador retrievers. And I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment with these little cuties! Having just come back from a lighting workshop, I was excited to be able to use some new skills during this session. Since there were only 2 puppies, I had much more time to devote to each and play with a variety of props as well. The only time constraint I had was how long they would stay awake until they crashed. And when they did, they slept hard! It was a full day for both them and me and the verdict is still out as to who had more fun! 

Puppies present a few challenges since they don't know any commands yet and are always on the move. But I find the more challenging the animal I am working with, the more I love it. No matter what, there's no doubt the biggest reward is being able to play and cuddle with these roly poly babies! Both of them had already been spoken for and I know they are going to make great dogs when they are all grown up! 

chocolate lab puppy with leash in mouth
labrador retriever puppies