My dog would never sit still

When I tell people I am a pet photographer, most of the time they whip out their cell phones and show me photos of their fur kids. Then they'll share stories of cute little things their dogs do like tucking a paw over their eyes when they take a nap. Or how they tilt their heads when asked if they want to go out for a walk? Inevitably, most people will also tell me their dog would never sit still long enough to get good photos. And I tell them they are wrong!

Part of the process of a custom pet photography session with me includes a pre-session consultation. This is when I come over to your house, meet you and get to know your furry family members better. We talk about your goals for the session as well as your pet's likes, dislikes, fears, and what motivates him. I learn what you love most about your fur-kids and why it is important to you to have photos taken of them at this time in their lives. 

All of this helps prepare me for what tricks I will use during your session. It takes just one oh so brief moment to capture your pet doing what he does best. Being himself. Whether it be treats, words, sounds, toys, belly rubs, a quick game of fetch or all of it, there's something that works to capture every pet's attention and capture some great images.

So yes, your dog may be active and always on the go. That's ok. In that case, we'll start your session by capturing some action shots perhaps of your dog retrieving a tennis ball. Maybe you have a puppy who is curious about anything and everything but can't focus for very long. Well, then, we'll explore the world around her and when she tires out a little, we'll capture those calm, relaxed moments. If your dog is nervous and anxious then I'll invite you to cuddle and reassure him thus creating some fantastic images showcasing the bond you two share. 

I believe there is no such thing as THE perfect shot as it's all about capturing the essence and personality of your pet. And no dog or cat can fail to do this. Sure, it may take a little time and patience, but it will happen. After all, it's not every day your pet gets to be in the spotlight! 

German shorthair pointer with cows