To sleep or not to sleep with your dogs?

There's a lot of debate on whether we should or should not let our dogs sleep in bed with us. Studies have shown there are a lot of benefits to spooning with our furry best friends. According to statistics at least half the pet owners share their bed with a pet. Now, that's a lot of snuggling!

So if you've ever wondered if that foot warmer really did make your nights better, you're right! For one thing, they make us feel safe. Many people agree they sleep better when their dog is even in the same room. It's reassuring knowing they will wake up and bark if they hear something or someone that is alarming. It's easy to feel vulnerable when it's dark and quiet thus making it hard to get a good night's sleep.

In addition to making us feel safe, they also have a calming effect on us. Simply petting our dogs releases Oxytocin, a hormone associated with affection and happiness. That right there is all the reason I need to let my dogs sleep in bed with me!

Who can deny that dogs also make great bed warmers? I can't! I especially like it when my feet are cold and I can put them under Izzy's belly warming them up in no time! The sooner my feet feel warm, the faster I'll fall asleep.

Finally, even if your dog is a pillow thief, there's no denying that snuggling with your dog at night will help you develop a stronger bond. While there is proof that dogs have been sleeping in our beds for centuries, modern day folks say one reason they encourage this is because they are so busy during the day with work, they don't feel they spend enough time with them.

Despite the fact that dogs can also disrupt our sleep, most people agree that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Even when you don't want to roll over because you know it will wake your dog up! Who else is guilty of this too?

Kita sleeping in bed