On being a dog mom

Mother's Day is coming up and that means we get to celebrate all the wonderful moms who are working hard to raise their children. But what about all the women who don't have children but consider themselves a mom...to their dog? The #dogmoms? Shouldn't we be celebrating them too? While I'm not a mom to a 2 legged child, I do know that it is without a doubt the hardest job in the world. And the most rewarding! Being a dog mom can't compare to the most important job in the world. But, we do have a lot more in common than you might expect. Today I take a look at the ironic similarities between being a mom to kid without fur, and one without!

1. Babies are toilet trained and puppies are housebroken. Neither happen without encouragement and training from their moms!

2. Moms and dog moms take care of their babies when they're sick, sometimes sacrificing a good night's sleep or missing a day of work to do so.

3. Babies and puppies make plenty of messes and their moms are always cleaning up after them. Poop and all!

4. They arrange playdates with other kids and dogs. Yes, there is such a thing as doggy playdates.  Just like kids, dogs love the interaction with other dogs and fall asleep in the car on the way home.

5. Dog moms as well as moms have been known to cancel plans because their kid got sick. Somebody has got to stay home to nurse them until they are well again. 

6. I don't think there is a mom out there who hasn't felt guilty leaving her kids while they go to work. Dogs are especially good at making the sad puppy face as they watch us through the window.

7. Ask any mom to see her cell phone camera roll. Odds are that it's full of photos of her kids - fur and non furry ones!

8. It's a sure bet that moms set aside money to spend on her kid. She may even forego splurging on herself so she can dote on her baby...or pup!

9. She takes her kid to visit Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. Go back to #7...there's a good likelihood there's a photo in her cell phone camera roll!

10. Dress our kids up for Halloween. Ever see the Halloween costumes at Target or Party City? There's a whole section just for the fur-kids! Sometimes mom will co-ordinate her outfit with her pup's. Think Dorothy and Toto. Or Princess Leia and an Ewok. It's not weird, right?

11. Kids and dogs need regular baths. Especially after they've played in the mud on a rainy day.

12. Christmas cards have become so popular between friends and family. If you're going to send a photo of the family, why not include your fur-kid?

13. Ever see a sweet, pretty woman get all Cujo when her kid is attacked by another? Go to a dog park and watch a dog mom get all Mama Bear when her pup gets picked on by the canine bully! 

14. Moms have taken to spelling out words to keep their kids from going B-A-N-A-N-A-S! How often have you heard her say W-A-L-K or C-O-O-K-I-E??? 

15. Most moms complain that their house is never clean enough. At some point they just realize it doesn't matter that there are toys strewn all over the place, nose and finger prints on the windows and dust (fur) balls in the corners of the rooms. A messy house is a sign of a well loved home, right?

15. And finally, when moms dread having to have that heart to heart conversation and tell their kids that they aren't their real mom. But that they were adopted!!

And there you have it, why all moms should be celebrated! On a serious note, there's no role more important than the one of a mother. To all the women out there, whether you are a grandmother, aunt, or friend who have been like a mother or is a mom to someone special - Happy Mother's Day!!!! 

Golden Retriever and owner